Knoppson Tube HiFi

Knoppson Output Transformer, KOT-96C

Data per unit [drawings]:

Primary Windings: 2X115V/15Hz
Secondary Winding: 6,5V@0A
Primary Resistance: 200 Ohm
Primary Inductance: 80H@5V/50Hz
Primary Leakage Inductance: 47mH
Primary Inductance vs DC unbalance: 33H@+/-20mA

This last post is crucial for driving impedance
variating loadspeakers to maximum. This feature
enables the amplifier to be run at considerable
Class AB before being saturated and it also
eliminates the real need for matched pairs.

This is my third attempt in designing an output transformer for my Williamson amplifiers. This time I hit the
spot. I have listened to these transformers in my amplifiers a lot and I am quite satisfied. The transformers
has been designed by me and produced by Toriod International, Sweden