Knoppson Tube HiFi

Knoppson Mains Transformer, KMT-98C

Data per unit [drawings]:

HV-winding: 650V@0,18A
Medium HV-Winding: 350V@0,18A
Heater Windings: 5V@3A
Standard Heater Winding: 6,3V@3A
845 Heater Winding: 10V@3A

This Mains transformer has been made to accommodate
both a Williamson amplifier and a 845-amplifier.
The 350V-winding has been made with thicker wire
than neccesary to accommodate higher current draw.

This is my fifth attempt in designing a power transformer for my tube amplifiers. This attempt includes
my thought of maybe someday build a 845-amplifier but it also suits fine for a Williamson amplifier or
the one I am building right now which is a Knoppson amplifier getting rid of "unneccesary" amplification
stages and just amplify. This means that my amplifier will have no feedback at all while the Williamson had
some 20dB. My amplifier will probably sound worse but I'd like to try what it sounds like without feedback
with the use of a 7247 dissimillar triode instead of the customary 6SN7 type.