Knoppson Tube HiFi

Knoppson Line Amplifier, KLA-15A

Data [drawings]:

Rectifying tube: EB91 (Twin RF Diode)
Amplifying tube: ECC82 (Twin RF Triode)
Channel options: 2/1 (Sel/None)
Gain: 16dB (slightly less at Bal option)
Options: Bal+Sel, Bal, Sel, None
Hum: <1mVpp/50Hz

These Line Amplifiers comes with several options.
They may use a balance potentiometer (Bal) and a
2-channel selector (Sel) or in any combination.

These Line Amplifiers evolved while I really did not like the complexity of my Headphones Amplifier (KHA).
The KHA is a fantastic piece of equipment but I had to use PCB while it really was not possible to design
it "in air". At the same time I am not that interested in listening to headphones, I preferre to listen
to (my) speakers. So I started to design these much more simpler units that gave me what I wanted. The
option with Bal is however not in my taste while balance really isn't needed while you are sitting
on-axis listening. Right now I have produced the most simple version (neither Bal nor Sel) and listening
to this unit takes my breath away.